Book Overview



Redeeming the Time is the first in a series of thought-provoking and time-tested inspirational messages geared toward providing impetus to men and women, especially the youth and young adults on their journeys of destiny.


This book lays emphasis on the importance of time and the need to set out early in life in order to arrive at your destination according to plan of God for your life. While many never arrived at their destinations, others arrived quite late contrary to God’s plans and provisions for their lives.


This book is filled with several examples of real-life stories of individuals who, through scriptures-laden counsels and inspirational guidance, have received clear revelations that change the course of their lives and helped them to attain their destinies at the right time.


It is never too late for a man to discover the right path. This book will definitely open the eyes of reader and help them to reach their goals on schedule.